Intro & Prices

American Pool Room

Kings Cross Hurricane Room is our flagship club with 27 tables. It was totally transformed in recent years (from Kings Cross Snooker Club) with a clean new modern open-plan look and feel and a brand new entrance. Play snooker, American pool, and English pool.

Our facilities

  • 10 Snooker tables
  • 6 English pool tables in a dedicated pool room
  • 9 American pool tables
  • Licensed bar and lounge
  • Air conditioning
  • TV with sports channel
  • Cue shop

Opening Hours

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We don't close.

Table Prices

Price Per Table
Members £9.45 per hour
Guests £11.95 per hour
Student members before 7pm £7.95 per hour

Play on a table for any number of minutes (more or less than an hour) and your bill is adjusted proportionally based on the prices shown above. e.g. Four members using a single table for 1 hour 40 minutes pay a total of £15.75 (Less than £4 each)

If your guests require an additional table they will be charged a guest fee as above and may be asked for a deposit.


Type Price per year Admission
Adults members £20 Free
Student members £10 Free
Senior members £10 Free
Guests  _ £3

Find out more about how to join

How to Book Tables in Advance

Number of players Up to 7 players 8 players or more
Booking period You may only book to start play at 5.30pm or earlier.* Book to start play at any time.
Membership Membership is required by at least one player. The remaining players may be guests and each pay admission fee. Membership is required by at least one player. Membership may be offered free to remaining guests as part of the booking.
Number of tables Contact us for availability. Please read our Group & Party Booking page
How to book Contact Us Form Group & Party Booking Enquiry Form

*After 5.30pm tables are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

Bar & Food

We are fully-licensed to serve alcohol late, seven days a week. We serve the usual bar snacks and have a small selection of hot food available at any time.

Visit us

If you are not yet a member, please come and visit us and take a look around. When you arrive check in with our staff at the bar and ask for an introduction to the club.

If you are not accompanied by a member and you’d like to start playing pool or snooker straight away, you’ll need to buy membership first. It’s very quick and easy. Just remember to bring ID along with you.