Intro & Prices

Colindale Snooker Club is a large club with a total of 27 tables (snooker, American pool and English pool) on the busy Edgware Road in North West London. We have several match tables and a Star Tournament snooker table. In the American lounge bar you’ll also find our gaming machines.

Discounts for Students and Seniors

On most tables, we offer 40% to 50% price discount for seniors and 15% price discount before 7pm for students.

Our facilities

  • 9 Snooker tables
  • 4 Snooker Match tables
  • 1 Star Tournament table
  • 7 American pool tables
  • 2 American pool Match tables (Dynamic, Gold Crown 4)
  • 4 English pool tables
  • Licensed bar and lounge with gaming machines.
  • Food and drink are served all day.
  • Cue shop

Opening Hours

We open every day of the year.

Hours: 9am to 2am every day
except on the following days:

24th December, 10am to 2am
25th December, 11am to 2am
26th December, 10am to 2am
31st December, 10am to 2am
1st January, 10am to 2am

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Pool Table prices per hour

Table type Standard 3 hours for price of 2 offer before 6pm Students before 7pm Seniors
English Pool £11 £22 £9.35
(15% off)
(40% off)
American Pool £11 £22 £9.35
(15% off)
(40% off)
American Pool Match £12 £24

Table prices show per hour of table play however we charge per minute of table use. Example: Play American Pool for 1 hour and 30 minutes at £11 per hour. £11 x 1.5 (total hours) = £16.50 total table cost.

Snooker Table prices per hour

Table type Standard 3 hours for price of 2 offer before 6pm Students before 7pm Seniors
Snooker £11 £20 £9.35
(15% off)
(40% off)
Matchplay Snooker £12 £22 £10.20
(15% off)
(40% off)
Star Table Snooker £13
Match Room Snooker £15

Membership and Guest Admission Charges

Standard Membership £25 per year
Student Membership – 40% discount £15 per year
Senior Membership £5 per year
Guest of member £2 admission

Membership allows you to use either of our two clubs.

No booking

We do not take bookings at Colindale Hurricane Room. Tables are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


We are fully licensed to serve alcohol, seven days a week.

Visit us

If you are not yet a member, please come and visit us and take a look around.

Interested in joining?

When you arrive, check in with our staff at the bar and ask for an introduction to the club.

If you are not with a member and you’d like to start playing pool or snooker straight away you’ll need to buy membership first. It’s quick and easy. Just remember to bring ID along with you.