Extend your membership for free
If you held membership at Kings Cross or Colindale throughout the period were closed, or if your membership expired while we were closed, then on your next visit, please tell us and we’ll extend your membership period free-of-charge to match the time that you couldn’t use it. 

All our clubs are members-only. Full membership is paid annually and entitles members to use any of our clubs and bring guests. View all of our clubs on our locations map.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free entry to any of our clubs.
  • Book tables in advance.*
  • Group and party bookings.
  • Bring guests to play at the club. Guests pay a small admission fee.
  • Special members-only offers and regular discounts.

* Please note some of our clubs have restrictions on bookings times/numbers.

How to Join

You can apply for membership at any of our clubs by bringing photographic ID to the club before 10pm any day. Click each item below for more info.

Read club rules

Complete application form and present ID

Pay annual membership fee

Pick up your membership card

Membership Application Form

When you arrive at one of our clubs we give you one of these forms to complete. We’ve added the membership form here in case you would like to print it out to complete in advance and bring along when you join.

Download: Hurricane-Room-Membership-Application-Form

Guest Admission

Guest admission fees vary from club to club. Please check the individual club pages for fees. All guests must pay an admission fee. If your guests request their own table they may be asked to pay a refundable table deposit and a higher table rate per hour compared to members.

Find out membership rates at..

Our Kings Cross and Colindale clubs will continue to accept memberships from clubs formerly known as Acton Hurricane Room and Tooting Hurricane room on production of a valid membership card until 31st December 2021.