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We have a good selection of snooker and pool cues available to buy at our clubs. You are welcome to visit to see and handle the cues we have in stock.

Below is a selection we typically keep in stock. If there’s a specific cue you are interested in, please contact the club you plan to visit in advance to ensure that we have it in stock. You can phone or use the contact form below.


American Pool Cues

Stinger £39
Orca £39
Arachnid Dual £89
Cuetec £97
Maxton Thunder £129
Predator £429

English Pool Cues

Pro 147 £29
Buffalo Deluxe £59
Buffalo Pro Pool No.2 £69
Bullet £98
Eagle £119
Britannia Pro pool £119

Snooker Cues

Cue & Case Special £29
James Howard No. 4 £69
Six Shooter cue & case £69
Britannia Pro + extension £119
Britannia Champ + Case + telescopic extension £129
Britannia Steel +mini + telescopic extension £249

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Contact the club directly in advance of your visit in to check the cue you are interested in is in stock

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