Table Booking at Kings Cross

Updated March 2022

How to Book

Members’ Booking Benefits

  • Members may book daytime and evening, starting play between 10am and 1.30am. Tables close at 2am (latest finish time).
  • Members may play with their guests as part of their booking. (See guest requirements below)
  • Members benefit from reduced member table rates.


  • A guest is anyone who is not a member.
  • All guests pay an admission fee of £3 each and may be asked to show ID.
  • Guests may book daytime, to start play between 10am and 5.30pm.
  • If guests play on a table without a member, that table is charged at the guest table rates with a deposit paid in advance.

Extra Info

  • Book Booth table seating to watch sports matches on our big-screen TVs.
  • We reserve some of our tables for walk-in members and guests so it’s always worth popping in last minute to check what’s available if you do not have a booking.
  • Party Packages are available. Find out more at Group Bookings and Party Bookings

Kings Cross Hurricane Room
Booking Request Form

    Your Full Name

    Your Email

    Your phone number

    Are you a current Hurricane Room member?
    Yes, I'm a member of Kings CrossYes, I'm a member of ColindaleMy membership has expiredNot sureNo

    Your membership number (if you are a member)

    Requested booking date
    For same-day bookings please call us on 020 7278 7079

    Start time

    Please arrive to check-in 10 minutes before start time. Please note that if you more than 15 minutes late for your start time we may cancel your booking and offer the table to members waiting.

    Finish time

    Total number of people/players

    Table Type

    To book more than one table, add additional table requests in the message area below.

    Message or questions (optional)

    If you are booking a booth to view a match, please tell us the match start time.

    Please answer this question with a number to show you are a real person.

    Please send you request and wait for a response by email or phone to confirm your booking.