Table Booking

Updated on 10th June 2021.

How to Book Tables in Advance

  • Advance booking is strictly limited to 6 people or fewer.
  • You may book to start play between 10am and 8pm. Tables close at 12.45am (latest finish time).
  • From June 2021 booth table seating is available to book to watch sports matches on our big-screen TVs.
  • Please arrive and check-in at the bar at least 10 minutes before your booking start time.
  • Membership is required by at least one player. The remaining players may be guests. (See guest requirements below)
  • Use the booking form on this page to make a booking request.
  • Please wait for an email or phone call to confirm your booking.
  • For same-day bookings please also call us on 020 7278 7079.
  • Please read our new requirements for your safety during Coronavirus in advance of your visit.

Party Packages

Party Packages are available for groups of 8 people or more. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we cannot confirm party package bookings. You can find out more on at Party Packages


  • Guests each pay an admission fee.
  • Guests may be asked to show ID.
  • If guests require a separate table to a member, that table will be charged at the guest table rate with a deposit paid in advance of play.
  • We require each guest to register on entry as part of the government Test and Trace requirements. Guests may do this using their smartphone.

Kings Cross Hurricane Room
Booking Request Form

Your Full Name

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Are you a current Hurricane Room member?
(To book membership is required by at least one player)
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Your membership number (optional)

Requested booking date (currently up to 4 weeks in advance)

Start time (From 10am to 8pm)

Please arrive to check-in 10 minutes before start time. Please note that if you more than 15 minutes late for your start time we may cancel your booking and offer the table to group waiting.

End time

Total number of people/players

Table Type

Booth Bookings for matches (optional)
If you selected booth seating to watch a match on our big screens please tell us the match start time.

If your group would like to play on more than one table at the same time please choose the additional tables from below.

Table 2 Type (if required)

Table 3 Type (if required)

Message or questions (optional)

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Please submit and wait for a response by email or phone to confirm your booking.